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October 18, 2021
Best Soft Quality Multani Khes-4Pcs
October 20, 2021
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Best Soft Quality Multani Khes-4Pcs


Best Soft Quality Multani Khes-4Pcs
Soft Khes
includes : 4 same coloured 90×60 inches 
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Multani Khes! That’s a traditional Indian bedding item, especially popular in North India. A Multani Khes is a type of soft, lightweight, and cozy cotton blanket or throw, typically made from high-quality cotton fabric. Here are some interesting facts about Multani Khes:

1. Origin: Multani Khes gets its name from the city of Multan, now in Pakistan, where it originated.
2. Material: Made from 100% cotton, often with a soft, fine weave.
3. Softness: Multani Khes is renowned for its exceptional softness and gentle texture.
4. Lightweight: It’s a lightweight blanket, perfect for spring, summer, or as an extra layer in winter.
5. Breathability: Cotton fabric ensures excellent airflow, keeping you comfortable in various temperatures.
6. Durability: Multani Khes is known for its durability and can last for many years with proper care.
7. Traditional: It’s a traditional Indian bedding item, often passed down through generations.
8. Versatile: Use it as a blanket, throw, or even a decorative element on your bed.

Multani Khes is a beloved bedding item in many Indian households, cherished for its comfort, softness, and nostalgic value.