King Embossed Printed Fleece Blanket AC Blanket
June 6, 2023
Fitted Sheet-3Pcs
June 19, 2023
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King Embossed Printed Fleece Blanket AC Blanket

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Plush Fleece Embossed China Imported
Soft Premium Quality Fleece
Attractive Elegant Designs
Size 200×240 cm / 78″x94″ in
Zipper Bag Packing

China Imported Product


AC blanket, also known as an air conditioning blanket, is a special type of blanket designed to provide extra insulation and heat retention when using an air conditioner or cooling system. These blankets are made with materials that have high thermal resistance, allowing them to trap warm air and prevent cool air from escaping. AC blankets are typically used in colder climates or by individuals who prefer cooler room temperatures but still want to stay warm while sleeping or relaxing. They can be used with both window units and central air conditioning systems. Some AC blankets also have built-in sensors or technology that allows them to automatically adjust the temperature and airflow based on the room conditions, providing optimal comfort throughout the night.