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Embroidered Soft Velvet Quilted Prayer Mat
March 9, 2024
Hand Made Khadi Weaved Multani Prayer Mat
March 9, 2024
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Soft Plain Velvet Quilted Prayer Mat


  • Premium Luxury Velvet Prayer Mats
  • Very Comfortable for Ankles and Knees
  • Size 28×54 Inches / 71×137 cm
  • Picot Side Edges 
  • Top Mehrab Curve and Tussel
  • Bottom Lace Edge
  • Best for Gift, Wedding and Comfort Use
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A prayer mat, also known as a prayer rug, is a small carpet or mat that Muslims use for prayer. It is typically made of cloth or sometimes woven with intricate designs, and it provides a clean and specified area for Muslims to perform their prayers.

The prayer mat serves several purposes. Firstly, it acts as a clean and dedicated space for prayer. Muslims are required to pray in a clean environment, and the prayer mat helps to ensure a clean surface for the prayer.

Secondly, the mat provides comfort and insulation from the ground. It is often padded or made with soft material to provide a comfortable surface to kneel and prostrate on during prayers.

Additionally, the prayer mat may have specific markings or orientations to help guide the person in prayer. This may include indications of where to place their hands, feet, or head during specific positions of prayer.

Muslims typically carry their own prayer mat to the mosque or use it at home or in other places where they need to perform their prayers. It is considered a personal and sacred item for Muslims.